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Léa Munsch___vibrant curiosity and instinct

sculptures born at the crossroads where art and architecture meet

Léa Munsch___vibrant curiosity and instinct

Fueled by a vibrant curiosity and her instinct, Léa Munsch explores the potentiality of clay in a spirit of lineage with ancient people. She draws from nature to produce her primarily unglazed pieces that reveal the inherent qualities of texture and color of their materials. From her studio, an ever-evolving cast of ageless forms emerges, sculptures born at the crossroads where art and architecture meet.

Léa Munsch's atelier is a former factory in Lorraine in FranceFrench ceramist and artist Léa Munsch with sculpture in her studio

Léa Munsch lives and works in Lorraine, in eastern France, where she's taken over a space in a former factory perched on a river at the heart of a forest.

Lea munsch working on a sculpture in clayview of Lea Munsch's atelier where she creates unique art objects

The primordial link between Earth and clay infuses her practice. An ancient link that we can sense the presence in her work. Like an archeological work, blurring the lines of time. Her sculptures seem to come from an ancient future. Her practice also relies a lot onto instinct. She gives shape to an abstract, architectural, raw, textured and natural world.

collection of creations by Léa Munsch on a ceramic drying cart

Léa has been thinking about the geological times that we can hardly grasp. The many mineral formations scattered in the forests surrounding her studio keep on inspiring her in the deepest way, it is a strong feeling, beyond words. This continues her thinking on the links between rock and clay.

Lea Munsch with a one-of-a-kind clay sculpture in white ceramic

Léa Munsch is also interested in prehistory and how the evolution of the relationship between life, art and nature has evolved over the thousand of years of the evolution of human societies. Art was fully imbedded in daily life. It holds at the same time the strength of expression as a need and the innocence of the first times. Ancient civilizations that existed well before 0, created mesmerizing cultures that are the foundations of our era. Discover Léa's Sumer sculpture at M AAH. 

unique Sumer sculpture by Léa Munsch at M AAH

detail of ceramic Sumer sculpture by Lea Munsch

Working with clay feels like a lineage with these times. Hands in the now are working with the same material as then, with the same primordial connection to clay. It transcends time and space. Léa Munsch honors and explores this open field of possibilities with instinct and innocence, as seen on her Tamarout sculpture. 

Tamarout table sculpture by Léa Munsch at M AAH
detail of rough pink clay on ceramic sculpture Tamarout by Lea Munsch


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Tamarout table sculpture in pink stoneware made by Léa Munsch
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